Optimum growth arises from

a healthy soil system...not excessive fertilising

Soil Testing

Nutrition & Toxicity

Know the health of your soil, and learn how to treat it.

Tissue Testing

Nutrients and Toxins

Know the nutritional value of your produce or what its lacking.

Water Testing

Nutrients & Toxins

Know the quality of your water and how it will effect your soil quality.

Compost & Mulch Testing

Nutrition & Toxins

Know the actual nutritional value of your soil amendments and whether they contains toxins.

Our Mission

Save our soils & improve fertility
  • soil science

    We think differently about soil

    By applying a little bit of Science we can make a BIG difference...

    If we all find out what's happening in our soil and understand it's composition we take the guess work out of what we need to apply to it ..

  • soil testing

    Soil testing & analysis

    We've done the science so you don't need to

    A soil test is inexpensive and provides all the information we need to help you understand your soil...

  • soil nutrition

    Precise Nutrients

    A plan customised to your specific needs.

    By analysisng your soil data, we can determine exactly which nutrients are required to rebalance the important ratios that make your soil healthy and fertile..

  • nutrient management plan

    Management Plans

    Applying and managing for the Long term...

    We provide management plans of nutrient applications at precisely calibrated and controlled quantities for long term improvements and optimum plant growth..

  • diversity of plant species

    Commitment to Diversity

    Species diverstiy is paramount to a healthy ecosystem.

    Healthy, well managed soil promotes microbial diversity and enhances the symbiotic relationship between plants and the soil ecosystem.

Why soil is SO important?

We are what we eat - nutrient poor soil means nutrient poor humans
  • importance of soil health
  • soil health and nutrition
  • soil nutrient ratios
  • soil rehabilitation

Save Our Soils

Soil is a finite resource essential for human existence.

95% of our food comes directly or indirectly from soil.

It takes 2,000 years to produce 10cm of fertile soil and we lose more than 24 billion tonnes every year through urban development, erosion and incorrect management techniques.

Fertile soil helps to regulate the Earth’s climate and stores more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined.

Australia has some of the oldest soils in the world

Australian soils are continually exposed to extremely harsh environmental conditions and pose many challenges for management, whether in the home garden, parks and public spaces or agriculturally. Hydrosoil have faced these challenges head on to develop cutting edge management techniques for soil preservation.

We test your soil and provide you with a management plan of precise nutrtional inputs - improving your soil health whilst saving you time and money.

Take the guess work work out of gardening. MAXIMUM OUTPUT FROM MINIMAL INPUTS!

We all need to be responsible for the fertility of our soils

We can help you understand 'YOUR' soil so you can preserve its health and the health of the plants it supports
  1. • Soil is a complex system of physical, chemical and biological components
  2. • Just like humans require a balanced diet with appropriate amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and water, plants too require conditions of balanced nutrition.
  3. • An excess of one nutrient will supress the uptake or function of others
  4. • The correct balance produces sustainable growth, reduces water use and the need for herbicides and pesticides and promotes microbial diversity
  5. • Pre-packaged fertilisers and soil amendments oversupply nutrients, leading to 'lock-ups' and imbalances
  6. • It's impossible to choose a product to treat your soil without knowing what it actually needs
  7. • Managing your soil with precise applications of only those nutrients your soil requires saves you time, money and the environment


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